Becoming a Wealthy Speaker: How Do You Do It? | Unstoppable Spotlight | Jane Atkinson

By Amira Alvarez

Do you want to become a highly paid speaker who makes a difference with her message? Speaking gigs are one of the fastest ways to build credibility and attract next-level clients!! If your business plan includes speaking for money (or if you just want to hear more about how you can get in on this) then join me to hear Jane Atkinson of The Wealthy Speaker share her strategies for building the speaking business of your dreams!

For over 20 years, Jane has been helping speakers (including best-selling authors and celebrities) catapult their businesses. Listen in as Jane and I dive deep into what it takes to be a successful speaker and the secrets of her proven “Ready, Aim, Fire” approach that will help you get there!

What To Listen For

  • Virtual events vs. in-person vs. hybrid, what works best?
  • The importance of finding your niche–and how to dominate it once you do
  • Having a good mindset MUST be backed by action
  • You must claim your greatness and speak it into existence!


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About Jane Atkinson

At twenty-five, Jane peered up the corporate ladder and confirmed she didn’t want that climb. Her oldest brother had awakened the entrepreneur in her long before that, so when she encountered a video by Les Brown preaching that you couldn’t coast through life, but instead had to take responsibility for it…Jane went for it. She is also the host of The Wealthy Speaker Podcast where she helps you catapult your speaking business. Whether you need help in social media, speaker marketing, demo videos, or building your business and strategy, her show can help. Jane, along with her professional speaking industry experts can help move your business forward exponentially.

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