Why You’re Not Getting The Results You Want

By Amira Alvarez

In this episode, we’re discussing how to break free from your negative behavioral patterns! You’ll learn how to identify these patterns so you can interrupt them, overcome them, and finally gain control of your life! It’s so important to be painfully honest with yourself throughout this process. Ask yourself – what do your negative patterns tell you about your true self-image? At the same time, it’s a slippery slope when you start looking inward critically. There’s a certain point at which your valid feelings of frustration, or disappointment, actually start to keep you stagnant – and prevent you from achieving your goals. When is that, and what do we do then? Find out by listening up.

What To Listen For

  • Accept yourself as you are, and your personal growth will actually flourish
  • Fighting your compulsions
  • Internal criticism – when you should utilize it, and how to tell when it’s turned unhealthy
  • Stop blaming others and take ownership of your life
  • How getting disappointed with yourself keeps you in the same patterns – and what to do instead
  • Becoming aware of your patterns – in your career, your business, and your overall life
  • What self-image are you playing out through your patterns? How they’re feeding each other, and how to break the cycle
  • How to stop focusing on what’s going wrong – by naming what you want
  • Putting an end to self-sabotage
  • The expectation of oncoming struggles – how it takes a toll on your journey

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