Don’t Let a Personal Crisis Knock Your Business Off-Course

By Amira Alvarez

Imagine you have a big event coming up in your business, something you’ve never done before. You’re nervous… it’s just two days away now, but you were slammed all week and didn’t get some crucial things done. So you block all of tomorrow, the day before your big event, to knock out the details.

As you’re getting into bed, you get a text from your closest relative… There’s an emergency that is about to flip your personal life upside down.

Do you drop everything in your business and take care of your loved one for fear of regretting it forever if you don’t?

Listen carefully: there’s a way to attend to both. There’s a way to navigate your business during a personal crisis so that you can support yourself AND the people in your life – without choosing one or the other (and without falling apart!)

How do I know? Because this is exactly what happened to me. Listen in to hear the details about exactly how I handled it, so you can learn what to do when a personal crisis threatens to shatter your business plans!

What To Listen For

  • How to communicate effectively during every stage of a crisis (11:01)
  • Managing COVID anxiety (so you can still show up and slay your business, even during uncertain times!) (13:08)
  • How to stay focused when you’re stressed and overwhelmed (16:49)
  • Stepping out of resentment – learn to take 100% personal responsibility for the decisions you’re making in your business and your life! (23:51)

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