How to Have It All As a Female Entrepreneur

By Amira Alvarez

How do we create what we want? How do we actualize our results? How do we manifest something from just an idea into our actual reality? Something we can hold in our hands, not just think about or fantasize about.

Let’s break this all down (and more!) in the episode. What it really takes… the methodology… the steps that successful people take. I’ve put it all into a format I call the Manifestation Matrix. I want to break this down for you- so listen in! This is a special peek into the teaching I do at The Income Breakthrough Summit, where we cover exactly what you need to do, step-by-step, to have a more profitable, fulfilling and high-impact business that’s in alignment with your purpose in this world!

Join us at the Summit and discover the rest of the Manifestation Matrix!

What To Listen For
  • Intro [0:00]
  • Desire – the big engine [1:41]
  • There are lots of excuses for lack of success, but very few reasons… Here’s how to let go of your alibis and choose growth every time! [5:15]
  • How to master your mindset to master your business [10:13]
  • Decision and action – how they’re connected [11:31]
  • Closing [17:52]

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