Cut Down On Sales Calls Without Sacrificing Revenue | Coaching Uncut

By Amira Alvarez

In this Coaching Uncut Series, we take you behind the scenes and allow you to listen in to the coaching I do with clients so you can learn right along with them! All of these coaching calls have been recorded with permission from my clients. It’s natural for a business to receive phone calls throughout the day – and if those calls are from leads, it’s even exciting! But getting TOO many calls can really bog your day down, preventing you from focusing on the needle-moving work required to grow your business. If you’re not careful, you’ll find yourself getting tied up with general info calls or conversations with confused clients on the DAILY. So how can you streamline this process and reduce your business calls without sacrificing revenue? Listen to the new episode to find out! What To Listen For

  • Make your advertising itself valuable – why this works, and how to do it without giving away too much information for free (3:30)
  • Marketing your course to generate leads (4:05)
  • How to discourage calls with love and without losing clients! (12:53)
  • Getting over guilty feelings as a business owner (14:04)

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