My Personal Growth and Evolution Journey

By Amira Alvarez

In this episode, I’ll be answering a listener question from the fabulous Stasia. She asks me a pointed question about my own growth and evolution and what it took to transform the patterns and beliefs from childhood that were holding me back. As soon as I heard this question, I knew I had to dedicate a whole episode to it and I’m excited to share it with you. I go deep into my journey to success, including the study, the dedication, the changes I made, and where I am now as I continue to grow and evolve.

What To Listen For

  • Breaking to down and laying out what I did
  • What resonates with you? Take those things and use them!
  • Doing the work quickly from the level of awareness I possessed at the time
  • Learning to increase my ability and hold myself to a higher standard
  • Working with mentors, coaches, and therapists – what worked for me
  • What I was reading and how I was applying it, as well as how I wasn’t
  • One of my favorite courses from Denise Duffield-Thomas
  • Putting learning into action
  • Amazing mentors to explore such as Tony Robbins
  • Creating the space and the time for internal breakthroughs through external work
  • A quote that transformed my life from Leland Val Van De Wall
  • What level of truth are you willing to accept about yourself?
  • Defining growth in terms of the goals you want to achieve
  • Levels of vibration, awareness, and being
  • How working with a mentor helped me identify where I was lying to myself
  • Recognizing my blind spots was essential for massive scaling
  • Taking personal responsibility regardless of outside circumstances
  • Outer game work that cannot be avoided (no matter how much you WANT to avoid it) if you want to make that fundamental shift
  • Recognizing the needle-moving work
  • The inner game pieces – Look at the reasons you’re not doing the things you want! Many of these things come disguised as procrastination, distractions, changing your goal, etc.
  • Where I was in resistance – I’m not perfect!
  • Learning to move TOWARDS resistance
  • Asking myself the tough questions
  • Doing the work, moving through blocks, and becoming more
  • Who’s been on my team?
  • Different coaches and courses over the years
  • A valuable lesson I learned from a bad experience (it cost me $30K, at the time, but probably saved me millions over the lifetime of my business)
  • You can’t do it alone, having a great team is key
  • Working with David Neagle who I am forever grateful to
  • The best decision I ever made
  • Growth is uncomfortable until you get to the other side!
  • Hitting your terror barrier always feels hard, learn to move through this quickly
  • Learning the creative process – it’s a game-changer!
  • Once you’ve moved into this next level of awareness, it can never be taken from you – just remember, it’s a process!


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