Why I Got a Boob Job: A Story of Self-Ownership and Showing Up

By Amira Alvarez

Yep, I got my boobs done. I used to think breast augmentation was only okay if you had a health condition that made it necessary – that doing it simply because you wanted to was vain and frivolous. “You should love yourself as you are!” But once I started going after my true desires (and getting them), I began to see the holes in that mindset. I do love myself (quite a lot, actually) – so why was I talking myself out of something that, deep down, I truly wanted for so long? Listen in to hear more about why I got a boob job and how it helped me start truly living for myself – not to please others or stick with the status quo!

What To Listen For

  • Why my boob job made me happier (it’s not what you think!)
  • Your cybernetic mechanism – what it is, and how it’s holding you back
  • What are the ‘sexy’ numbers in your business?
  • Live your life for you – not for others, or their expectations
  • Have your true desires been programmed out of you? And what to do about it!


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